At Connections we’re all about authentic relationships with God and each other. We hope that when you attend you’ll feel free to come as you are. If you enjoy wearing a suit and tie, that’s great and if you want to wear jeans and a t-shirt, that’s great too - wear what makes you comfortable.

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Before the Worship Service


When you walk through the doors of Connections you can expect to be greeted with a smile and a handshake. We know that when rushing to get to church on a Sunday morning that breakfast is often the last thing on a person’s mind, so on your way to the auditorium please feel free to stop by Connections Café for a complimentary cup of freshly roasted coffee or tea and a variety of refreshments.


During the Worship Service


Music is a big part of our worship service and you can expect to hear a variety of praise songs played by the worship band. If you know the songs, feel free to participate by singing along with the lyrics on the projection screen. If you’re unfamiliar with the music, you can simply observe until you're comfortable.


Here at Connections we observe “Communion” each Sunday to celebrate the victory Jesus gives us over sin and death. At the Last Supper, Jesus asked His followers to do this in remembrance of Him, so any Christ-follower is welcome to participate. 


We also receive a weekly offering. This is a time for the members of Connections to help support the various ministries of the church. Visitors can use this time to fill out a Friendship Card if they would like to receive additional information about the church.


We believe that the Bible has timeless solutions to the issues that we face in the modern world. The message you’ll hear in our worship service will always be from the Bible and is designed to offer hope for the future and applications for life today.


What about Kids and Worship?


Connections offers Nursery, Pre-School and Kaleb's Town Ministries during our Worship Service. Children are welcome to stay with their parents in adult worship service if preferred. Please see our Children’s and Youth Ministry pages for additional information.