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1 volunteer + 2 hours of service + $120=food for 1 child for 1 year

Startling facts

Around the world,
a child dies from hunger
every three seconds

That's ten million
kids a year.

That's ten million
too many

You can help.

Link to Kids Against Hunger website

Our 2018 Goal is to sponsor 50 Children. Please continue to support HAH as the Lord leads!

  • Pray Continuously
  • Pack Food Frequently
  • Give Generously

Thanks for your ongoing support!

We are continuing to raise funds for Hands Against Hunger!

Help us reach our goal of Feeding 60 Orphans for One Year in 2018!

100% of the donations given from this page go directly to feeding children through Hands Against Hunger!


Connections Christian Church pays all processing fees associated with PayPal Accounts for donations made from this page.

Thanks for your continued prayer, service, and financial support.

If you are more comfortable giving directly to Hands Against Hunger, go here.
Both Connections and HAH are charities. Donations are tax deductible, and Connections will provide receipts for all donations through this page.
Starvation in Haiti is real. See a list of meal
helping pack meals for the Million Meal Marathon!
Share this with your friends! The more we all help, the fewer kids will starve.